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VeloMetro has launched a Veemo pilot fleet at the University of British Columbia this fall. The service will serve up to 65,000 students, residents, and UBC affiliates in easily moving around campus. Veemo velomobiles have plenty of space for bags and heavy books, and are fully enclosed to keep the rider and cargo warm and dry. VeloMetro is pleased to be collaborating with a number of UBC academic groups on a variety of technology, business, and transportation projects.

VeloMetro plans to expand its service to the Vancouver urban core in the near future. Global expansion is being considered for cities that are looking for sustainable and active transportation alternatives.  Veemo velomobiles will also be available for purchase commercially in the future.


Veemo is a sophisticated, enclosed, electric-assist, smartphone-connected vehicle, ideal for urban and suburban areas. Veemo velomobiles are human-powered, with electric assist to help on hills and over long distances. The vehicle shell protects the user from harsh weather and the cargo space provides practical functionality. Veemo velomobiles replace automobiles, not bicycles, with their all-weather use, lockable cargo space, and anti-theft provisions.


This healthy, active, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation is available to anyone over the age of 19. Veemo is legally classified as an electric-assisted cycle, so no driver's licence is required. It will give access to the 50% of adults under 25 who don't have a driver's licence. Users will be able to sign up online and ride within minutes without having to wait for motor vehicle driver record checks or an access RFID card.


Veemo provides a clean transportation alternative and is offered at an attractive price compared to any conventional carshare. Future operating zones include both urban and suburban cores. Our unique vehicle design will position our service as a highly visible consumer brand. Cities love this sustainable transportation option!



Hover and click on the image below to find out more about Veemo's features!

Veemo Vehicle Features

A patented pedal-electric drivetrain is only part of the advanced engineering that make Veemo velomobiles special.

Veemo is enclosed by a light-weight composite body which complements the other safety features of the design. Further car-like elements include automatic smart control locks, daytime and nighttime lighting, and indicators. Regenerative braking and a rooftop solar panel extend the vehicle range by up to 20 km per day.

The comforts of a car, with the functionality of a bicycle!

Veemo Status Display

Shows the availability and status of the vehicle. In our Veemo sharing fleet, all vehicles have automatic smart control locks and security features.

Adjustable Seat

Most comfortable bike seat you'll ever have the pleasure to ride on!

Dashboard and Navigation

Access the navigation system, the vehicle settings, and dashboard information.

Swappable Battery

Our 500-watt lithium-ion battery pack has a range of up to 100km per charge. Swappable batteries ensure every vehicle is always ready to ride.

Pedal System

Veemo is a pedal-assist cycle. Our torque sensing pedal system measures the effort you put in to pedaling and amplifies it with the power of several Olympic athletes!

Front Suspension

110mm of suspension travel, using carbon fibre connecting rods.

Rear Suspension

100mm of rear suspension travel.

Electric Motor & Transmission

Our main electric motor has regenerative braking capabilities. Our fully integrated automatic transmission ensures every Veemo ride is a smooth one.

Solar Panel

80-watt solar panel that can give up to 15% extra battery charge in a full day of sunlight.


10 small LED headlights and one main large LED headlight.

Side Mirrors

With integrated turn signal lights.

Power Windows

No need to crank these windows!

Door Handle

Every Veemo has power locks and automatic security sensors.


Aerospace grade aluminum and composite core construction for high strength, high rigidity, and low weight.

Brake and Reverse Lights

Car-like brake lights, reverse lights, and turn signals.

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