main street car free day velometro

VeloMetro proudly participated in the Main Street Car Free Festival, an annual multi-location event that draws huge crowds and seeks to renew community culture with reclaimed public spaces and better environmental policies. The event succeeded in being the biggest street party in the area and enjoyed high attendance and wonderful weather.

VeloMetro at Main Street Car Free Festival

The VeloMetro team featured the Veemo™ Test Platform and had the opportunity to engage with dozens of event attendees, promoting an open dialogue around transportation options in the city of Vancouver. The concept of a Veemo™ sharing network was very well-received, with many attendees submitting their details to become founding members.

About VeloMetro Mobility, Inc – VeloMetro is creating the next wave of sustainable personal transportation. From the original inspiration that was the velocar, VeloMetro is creating a 21st century update with the latest technology and engineering: human powered, enclosed from the weather, fully networked and assisted by electric and solar power. Based in Vancouver, Canada, VeloMetro’s goal is to provide a completely sustainable transportation option for urban commuters around the globe that is also cost-effective and fun to ride. Learn more at

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