Exploring Alternatives Veemo Interview

Exploring Alternatives, a YouTube channel with almost 300,000 subscribers, creates videos about renewable energy and other inspirational content. In this episode, Mat speaks with CEO Kody Baker and introduces viewers to VeloMetro’s fully-enclosed electric-assist bicycle.

4 Thoughts on “Exploring Alternatives”

    • We’re about to launch at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC. Germany would be nice – any city suggestions for expansion?

  • Hello VeloMetro, I would like to see these in Elliot Lake Ontario, because there are young people here and elderly people who don’t drive or don’t want to drive and I believe that this ebike would be a perfect fit for our city, also it would get people more active, as well as going shopping or even for a coffee in style, warm, elegant comfort, without having to worry about rain, snow, slush, Also does the ebike come with a heater, along with the power windows and all the other cool car like stuff, like defrost for windows? Is it a twist and go throttle power on demand where you only use the throttle and no pedalling? or is it both pedal assist and a combination of throttle? also what size and amps are the batteries? I enjoy your videos on youtube about these bikes, and also the fact that you take the time to crash them and see what needs to be addressed and repaired, and that their built in Canada, What would be the warranty on them, parts, wise?

    • Hi Dave,
      Great to hear! We’re hoping people see Veemo as a healthy and sustainable option. The vehicle is electric-assist, so there’s still some pedalling to do.
      As for being out at Elliot Lake Ontario, if all goes well in our launch at the University of British Columbia, we’re open to licensing Veemo in other communities. Thanks for the support – really appreciate it!

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