VeloMetro is seeking investment for our current seed round and would be happy to discuss with interested accredited investors.



VeloMetro is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of a few massive trends that are converging on cities today. By 2050, it is projected that 86% of the population within OECD countries will live in urban areas. This is increasing pressure on transit systems that are already causing huge delays to moving people and goods through a city. This costs the USA $124B in direct and indirect losses today, and by 2030 is projected to increase by 50% to $186B. The increased traffic congestion is leading to a new trend that has been reported on with greater frequency - young adults are not interested to drive and fewer are getting drivers licenses.

VeloMetro’s Veemo solution provides more efficient travel through cities, by being smaller than a car, bypassing traffic jams by using cycling lanes, and not requiring as much parking space. Our velomobiles also do not require a driver’s license, thereby making us the only enclosed vehicle sharing option to the majority of young adults who live in cities today. Finally, our zero emissions, active transportation solution will also improve the health of a city through active transportation, air quality, and reduced injuries.

VeloMetro is not embarking to revolutionize transportation within a city purely for the benefit of the city, it also makes great financial sense. The sharing economy presents an opportunity to greatly maximize the return on one's assets. VeloMetro is the first company in the world to launch a sharing network around electric-assist velomobiles and we anticipate excellent growth in this market that we will be strongly positioned to capitalize on.



veemo bike lane

In addition to service expansion, Veemo can also be licensed for additional fleets around the world. The backend of the Veemo sharing system is a scalable platform that can support corporate, licensee, and private fleets. With this global business platform, Veemo can provide growth with high margin recurring revenue while avoiding fleet capital costs.

VeloMetro has a strong product development pipeline and looks forward to offering our technology to a host of new markets and individuals.

VeloMetro operates a pilot Veemo fleet at the University of British Columbia. Five Veemo velomobiles are deployed on campus, where over 65,000 people have access. This pilot fleet is to demonstrate market validation. After this initial pilot phase, we plan to expand operations into Vancouver, BC, North America’s largest vehicle sharing market, and then growing throughout other markets around the world.

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Verge Accelerate Pitch Finalist San Francisco, October 2014

Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge Finalist - Detroit, April 2017

Cleantech 50 2017

Cleantech 50 Entrepreneurs - Kody Baker,  September 2017

Techstars AutoMobili-D Mobility Pitch Finalist - NAIAS,  January 2018

Cleantech Emerging Rocket List - Rocket Builders,  March 2018

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