VeemoBoat2 with cyclist

[April Fools’! – The Veebo enhancement is not real. For now, Veemos are land-only vehicles.]

VANCOUVER, BC — 2017.04.01

VeloMetro Mobility Inc. is excited to announce a new innovation to our Veemo platform. We have designed Veemo version 4.1 to be fully amphibious, meaning you can simply ride straight into the water and pedal across to the other shore. VeloMetro offers one-way vehicle sharing at its finest, with plenty of storage capacity for any fish one might catch enroute. To stay within Canadian ebike/eboat regulations, Veebo enhanced Veemos have a top speed of 17 knots (32km/h) and 500W of pedal-assisted propeller power. No boating or driver’s license required!

“Veebo technology was partly inspired by the unfortunate effects of riding your bike through a deep puddle, and getting your shoes, socks, and pants soaked. We developed Veemo to prevent these major splashes, but then we realized we could protect the rider from the deepest of puddles – like the ocean!”, comments Kody Baker, CEO of VeloMetro. “Whether you are crossing an inlet, fjord, jetty, channel, barachois, stream, polynya, wetland, bay, swamp, canal, aquifer, vernal pool, lagoon, lake, sound, springs, river, or just cutting through a park by riding through the central pond, we believe our riders will be able to cut down their urban commute time even further vs. driving a car in rush hour traffic.”

“Want a better view of the ocean? Put up the standard power windows and lean forward to initiate a dive. Our automatic transmission doubles as a ballast system to ensure that you have full control over your depth. Unfortunately, we do not have an oxygen generation system and the solar panel doesn’t work great underwater, so please keep your dives to a max of 5 minutes.”

Veebo underwater

“We are extremely proud of the technology we developed over the past few years”, said Jonathan Faille, VeloMetro CTO, “Our team has really excelled at bringing this novel technology to the forefront of urban mobility.”

About VeloMetro Mobility Inc.

VeloMetro Mobility will be launching the first shared fleet of electric assisted 3-wheeled enclosed velomobiles, regulated as e-bikes, at the University of British Columbia in the coming weeks. People will be able to sign up for an account, download our app, and access Veemo.

For more information on VeloMetro and Veemo, please watch this excellent video that was produced for us by Autodesk:



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