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North Vancouver Car Free Day was an exhilarating rush. Before we even had a chance to finish setting up our display, our tent was filled with attendees. Excitement and curiosity about a new vehicle sharing program kept the whole team jumping, from test rides to sign-ups right through to the late afternoon. What was all the buzz about?

Veemo at the 2015 North Vancouver Car Free Day

This was the public’s first sneak peak at Veemo™. Veemo is an emission free vehicle sharing program that is set to launch in 2016. Veemo will give members the freedom of one-way car sharing, without the car. Veemo is not a car, so it does not require a driver’s licence and it can be ridden in bike lanes. It’s no surprise that Veemo has attracted so much attention.

The public had a change to take the Test Platform for a free test ride. All day long, people experienced the “Veemo Rush” you get when riding our pedal-electric vehicle.

North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto stopped by to give his support for Veemo. He is looking forward to when Veemo comes to his city. Veemo and VeloMetro would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended, organized, and participated in the 2015 North Vancouver Car Free Day.

About VeloMetro Mobility, Inc – VeloMetro is creating the next wave of sustainable personal transportation. From the original inspiration that was the velocar, VeloMetro is creating a 21st century update with the latest technology and engineering: human powered, enclosed from the weather, fully networked and assisted by electric and solar power. Based in Vancouver, Canada, VeloMetro’s goal is to provide a completely sustainable transportation option for urban commuters around the globe that is also cost-effective and fun to ride. Learn more at

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