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VeloMetro Mobility Execs Showcase Velomobile to Prime Minister Trudeau as Part of Smart Prosperity Initiative


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Tues., March 1, 2016

Vancouver, BC – VeloMetro Mobility’s Veemo™ caught the attention of the Prime Minister of Canada today when he came by a display to learn about the velomobile.

VeloMetro CEO John Stonier explained the benefits of the vehicle to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau in a conversation which took place at the Telus Garden in Vancouver, in advance of today’s important gathering of business, government and environmental leaders at the Smart Prosperity summit.

“The Veemo™ is a zero-emission pedal electric-assist vehicle which is environmentally friendly, price-competitive with other car-sharing services and offers tremendous ease of customer use,” said Stonier, “Basically, it’s a coaster bike on steroids.”

Prime Minister Trudeau asked numerous questions about the Veemo™ and commented that he expected the vehicle would be popular in “rainy Vancouver” when its pilot vehicle-sharing program launches in the city later this year.

CTO Kody Baker outlined to the Prime Minister how to ride the Veemo™.

“This is a bike, not a car,” explained Baker, “It adheres to all regulations for electric-assist bikes, including a top speed of 32km/h, three wheels, and 500 watts of output power. You just get in the seat, release the brakes, and pedal. Our proprietary drive system takes care of the rest.”

The Veemo™ is a unique pedal-electric vehicle, designed in Canada, which is now in limited production by VeloMetro Mobility. Some key benefits of Veemo™ are:

  • the Veemo™ velomobile does not require a driver’s license to operate because it is classified as an electric assist cycle;
  • it is an environmentally-friendly zero-emission replacement to the urban car;
  • it is a price-competitive alternative to popular car-sharing services;
  • unlike electric cars which require fixed charging stations, Veemo™ shared fleets recharge by VeloMetro service technicians swapping batteries, enabling easy deployment anywhere.

VeloMetro Mobility is a clean technology company based in Vancouver. Founded in 2013, it has been selected to pilot test its Veemo™ vehicle-sharing plan in the City of Vancouver later this year via the city’s Green and Digital Demonstration Program. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson was one of many business and government leaders keen to find out more about the Veemo™ today.

Further information on the vehicle and firm is available at: www.velometro.com


For more information and to arrange interviews with VeloMetro CEO John Stonier or CTO Kody Baker, please contact: Carolyn Jack, cell: 604-970-3234. Email: [email protected]

Photos available for download: Dropbox Link

Photo credit: Matthew Chen.
D80_1412: (left to right) PM Justin Trudeau, VeloMetro CTO Kody Baker, VeloMetro CEO John Stonier.
D80_1557: (left to right) CTO Kody Baker, Mayor Gregor Robertson, and CEO John Stonier.

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