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VeloMetro Named to Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Finalists

May 14, 2018 (New York, NY) – Fast Company announced the winners of its World Changing Ideas Awards, which honor businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that offer innovative solutions to the issues facing humanity. Now in its second year, the award showcases 12 winners and more than 200 finalists.

VeloMetro Mobility is proud to announce that it’s been named as a finalist in the Transportation category.

A panel of eminent judges selected winners and finalists from a pool of more than 1,300 entries in 12 categories, from Food to Energy to Developing World Technology. Honorees include big-name brands like Microsoft and Walmart, nonprofits like the Anti-Defamation League and UNICEF, government programs from Los Angeles and Ontario, and innovative startups like Aerofarms, Aspiration, and Matternet. The 2018 awards featured entries from across the globe, from India to Brazil to Rwanda.

“We’re extremely proud to be a finalist in the Fast Company World Changing Ideas. To be recognized among so many innovative and impactful companies is a fantastic achievement for our team.” says Kody Baker, Co-Founder and CEO of VeloMetro.

VeloMetro, a Vancouver, Canada based company, has developed an urban mobility solution with their new electric-assist velomobiles. They launched a pilot for Veemo®, the world’s first velomobile sharing service. They recently completed a successful year-long pilot trial using five velomobiles at the University of British Columbia. VeloMetro is now embarking on production of velomobiles for its its first commercial launch of Veemo® later this year.

VeloMetro designed the Veemo® sharing network and the electric-assisted velomobiles, three-wheeled enclosed bicycles, to be practical and sustainable alternatives to the automobile for last-mile, urban transportation. “We replace cars, not bikes” explained John Stonier, Co-Founder and CFO. “Every city is looking to get people out of cars and into something sustainable. Veemo® velomobiles achieve this goal and help create smarter cities.”

Outfitted with familiar bicycle handlebars, pedals, and hand brakes, Veemo® velomobiles are intuitive and easy to use. A protective body, including a door, power windows, comfortable seat, heated grips, navigation unit, and a cup holder provide many of the comforts of a car. Sustainable transportation is at the core of the design, demonstrated by  the patented pedal-electric drive system and rooftop solar panel that powers the swappable lithium battery.

VeloMetro is now focused on preparations for its first commercial fleet in Vancouver, and then growth opportunities to provide the velomobile-sharing service across the Pacific Northwest, North America and ultimately cities around the world.

To keep abreast of our progress follow us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for updates at If you are interested in partnering with or investing in VeloMetro, contact [email protected].

About VeloMetro Mobility Inc.

VeloMetro® is a transportation company based in Vancouver, BC that is developing new electric-assist, internet connected velomobiles and sharing service software. Veemo® is an on-demand mobility service developed by VeloMetro that offers one-way velomobile sharing services for cities and campuses. VeloMetro is preparing for the commercial launch of Veemo® in late 2018.

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