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VeloMetro Mobility joins World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

VeloMetro Mobility joins the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, a select group of cleantech companies developing new technologies that protect the environment in a profitable way. Listed in the “Innovators” category, VeloMetro joins an ever-expanding network of innovators, investors, and solution seekers. 

For more information, visit the Solar Impulse Foundation website.

About The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is a non-profit organization initiated by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Launched at the Bonn Climate Conference in November 2017, it brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies. Members include innovators, investors, public institutions, innovation seekers, corporates committed to making our future sustainable. The World Alliance aims to federate and create synergies between its members to fast-track the implementation of clean and profitable solutions that have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today.

About VeloMetro Mobility Inc.

VeloMetro has created a fully integrated velomobile: a secure, enclosed, electric-assisted three-wheeled velomobile for personal transportation. VeloMetro’s shared mobility service Veemo® provides personal transportation as a service with the comforts of a car and the freedom of a bike. Get across town or run errands comfortably, safely, and in any weather.

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